Rotating Pumpkin Head

Introduction: Rotating Pumpkin Head

Hi, this is my very first instructable project. In this project, i would like to make a rotating pumpkin head at outdoor. There is RGB light added in the pumpkin head, thus this project is best to show case during the night! Especially in the Halloween night! This project is pretty simple. Let's get started!

Step 1: Preparation

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success" Alexander Graham Bell.

Let's get start to prepare everything! Below is the list

1. Any medium size 12V DC motor that you are able to fine - i used this with coupling and bracket from my other project

2. DC motor speed controller - This handy product is good for electronic dummy who want to control the DC Motor's speed and direction. We are able to regulate the speed with the regulator (it's a potentiometer) and also the direction of the motor.

3. Cable tie - everyone need it! You can find it anywhere.

4. A common L-bracket - this bracket will be use as a holder for the motor and also to the wall or tree that you like to mount on it.

5. PVC pipe - i used 50cm length of PVC pipe

6. Any RGB light - I used a toilet RGB light from my other decoration project.

7. The most important element - pumpkin head.

Step 2: Build

The steps are below:

1. We need to mount the PVC on the coupling. First of all, drill two holes on the PVC to match with the coupling, then screw the PCB and coupling together. 2. Screw the bracket on the L bracket according the the holes on the bracket. If there is no holes on the L bracket, you will need to drill the holes. 3. Screw the DC motor on the bracket. No drilling is required.

4. Wire the DC motor with the speed controller and battery according to the photo. Caution! Please take note on the polarity of the battery! Please refer to this tutorial on the usage.

5. Mount the coupling to the DC motor.

6. Put the RGB light inside the pumpkin head and hang it on the end of the PVC pipe.

It is done! You can mount this system to any place you like. In this project, i mounted it on the tree with cable ties. Do not harm the tree with nails or screw!

Step 3: Action!

It's time to action! You can control the speed with the speed regulator on the electronic board (speed controller). Also, you try switching the switch for different direction CW or CCW.

Please enjoy the video.

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    Nice. I haven't seen many pumpkin displays where the pumpkin actually moves.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! next target.. flying object..