Introduction: Rotating Stand for Keychains

Are you a keychain designer ? Want to sell your designs and need a stand for them ?


- 3D Printer

- PLA Filament (different colors would be recommended)

Step 1: Step 1: the Stand

Well this 3D printed stand can rotate making it easier for the customers to see different keychains placed on it. It even has a banner that says 3D printed. This banner can be removed and the stand would be used for any keychains.

Step 2: Step 2: 3D Printing

This stand comes with different parts: The base, the rotating handles, the banner base and the letters. So different STL files needs to be uploaded to your 3D printer USB Stick. I used a flashforge Guider II 3D printer which is a professional desktop printer and gives great quality results but you can use any 3D printer which you have available.

Below are the print settings used for all the parts:

- Layer Resolution 0.18mm

- Infill 15%

- Bed Temperature 60 degrees

- Extruder Temperature 190 degrees

Files can be found on thingiverse also.