Introduction: Rotten Head

This head is made out of pate, beef meat and prosciutto. Really creepy and tasteful at the same time. Fun add to any Halloween buffet!

Step 1: Get a Head

You can purchase a head at the dollar store or almost any store during the Halloween period. Make sure that the material is safe to use with food, if not, you can cover it with cling wrap. Clean the head prior to step 2.

Step 2: Cover With Pâté

Get any pâté and cover the head with it. You can use a knife or spoon, but the best way is with your hands! Cover all the areas but not the eyes or mouth. The pâté helps the meat to stick on the head so you don't have to apply a thick coat, only enough to stick the meat on the head.

Step 3: Add the Cold Meats

You may now cover the head with the meats. Prosciutto is easy to stick in place because it's thin and has lot of fat. The beef may be harder to put in place, but the darker color adds realism to the plate. Tear shreds to cover every areas except for the teeth and eyes. You may take some pâté from places where you don't need it and apply it to stick the meat in place. Cover with cling wrap until you are ready to serve it,

Step 4: Make Worms (Optional)

If you want to bring this plate to another level, you may cook some rice and keep it on side until you are ready to serve.

Step 5: Serve the Head

You can put some lettuce on the table and put the head on top. Don't use a plate, it's better to put the head directly on the table! And if you want, add some cooked rice on top if you want to set the grossness to another level.

Serve also with bread. If you want, take some green or blue food color and apply on the bread with some q-tips. You will now have moldy bread to serve with the head.

Step 6: Enjoy!

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