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Introduction: Wooden Cage From Old Table

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There was a old table laying around which wasn't on any use So I got an idea to turn it into a round cage,Making cage is easy if you have basic knowledge of woodworking which protect the pet from preys and keep them safe from other dangers , today I am making round wooden cage which is easy to make and have a big space for big or small pet to roam around and also have a great viewing windows.

Material List

2 x 24'' by 24'' Round laminated Chipboard

6 x 1'' by 1'' by 16'' height Wooden pieces

1 x 8 feet by 18'' wire net

18 x Screws

1x Clip lock

1x Door knob

1x Door hinge


Step 1:

I have use 24 inches by 24 inches round chipboard lamination sheet from the old table which I get it cut from local carpenter in round circle shape of 2 pieces one for the top and other for the bottom marking from the front of door point to follow marks on 10 inches of 6 points where the wooden pieces will be place as pillars for supporting the structure and also for the net covering.

Place the bottom part under the top part and make holes on the point so it will be easy when attached both parts ,place the wooden pieces right under the point and place 1.5 inches screws to secure on to the place.

As all six pillars are attached on the top part them flip it out the whole structure and place the bottom part on them and attach the pillars on the same spot as top ones now we have wheel shape structure.

Step 2:

As I measure the lenght it comes out the outher parts is about 18.5 for net covering so I mark the net roll and cut it out the whole roll in same size then place it over the structure and start putting half nails and then bending them so it will securely stay on the chipboard lamination as it reaches the door part I cut out the excessive net,

Step 3:

Measure out the door space because it would be more or less than 10 inches because it needs to tuck in the frame , cut out 10 inches 2 pieces place them on each other then measure the length of the door sides required it turns out to be 14.5 inches so cut out 2 pieces , make holes on 10 inches pieces ends and place screw to make a rectangle for the door , place the net over it and cut it out secure it with the nails place it again on the frame and now put door hinge and place screws to secure the door.

Step 4:

Place the door knob and lock on the door and place the net on the top hole from inside so there will be a ventilation from the top of the cage ,this is a simple and easy design of cage which can be made without any problem ,it has a purpose of spacious and ventilated option for pets .

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