Introduction: Router Table / Jigsaw 45-Degree Cuts / Rip Cut Blade Guide

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  • In this instructable / video I will show you how to integrate router into the table / workbench and give you some tips.
  • I will show you my made 45 degree cut sled and rip cut guide to get perfect perpendicular cut.
  • I will show you what I made with these new accessories for my made jigsaw table.

How I made this table:

How I made first accessories for this table:

If you want to make something similar yourself here is the plans.

FREE PLANS: Workbench -

All Accessories -

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Tools You'll Need:

Materials You'll Need:

For router fence:

  • 18mm thickness plywood (local hardware store)
  • Small wood screws 4x (local hardware store)
  • Wood glue:

For 45 degree sled:

For Rip cut guide:

You can follow me:

Step 1: Preview

Some preview shots of the router and the fence, 45-degree sled and the rip cut blade guide.

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Step 2: Measuring, Drilling, Routing

I measured, marked and drilled 3cm diameter hole where I wanted router to be. On other side of the table I marked and routed slot for the router's base to fit in.

Step 3: Depth of the Spot

I routed until I had left, plywood thickness of around my router's base pad. Just don't forget to route some space for dust collecting parts if you will use it router not only for edge routing.

Step 4: Holes for the Router

To drill holes in exact spot where those supposed to be, I screwed original bolts to the base and painted them with non-permanent marker pen.

Step 5: Top of the Table

On other side of the table, I countersunk holes, and screwed bolts to the base. I mounted router that it would be facing side of the table and not the front. This way I can slightly modify my rip fence to get router fence as well (2 in 1).

So to do that I ripped two plywood strips of length as my rip fence.

Step 6: Rip Cut Bade Guide

To make rip cuts even more accurate, I made this blade guide. It uses same locking system as my rip fence (

Just make sure your jigsaw doesn't produce too much vibration for this guide to work. I am running my jigsaw at 5/6 speed to get lowest vibrations with fast cutting speed.

Step 7: 45-degree Cut Sled

I cut ends of those previously ripped strips with my 45-degree cut sled. It is basically same sled as I made before (, but this has screwed triangle and glued 120 grid sandpaper on the sides.

Step 8: Possibilities With the Sled

One of the ultimate ways to test if you getting accurate 45 degree cuts is to make picture frame. And in my case this sled makes very precise cuts, considering this is jigsaw.

Step 9: Rip and Router Fence (2 in 1)

This is what final result of the fence should look like.

Step 10: Modifying the Fence

So to get that result, I drilled 3 cm diameter hole into the front of the one of previously ripped strip, cut ends, and chamfered bottom of the strip to prevent dust buildup. Finally, I glued both strips to the fence.

Step 11: Finishing Fence

I cut square piece from the same plywood with a hole in it and glued it on top of the fence. This piece will give rigidity and will serve as the place for the vacuum's adapter when edge routing.

Step 12: Final Step to Finish the Fence

I clamped and drilled hole from the top of the fence with a 3 cm diameter spade drill bit and then I sanded inside.

Step 13: Dust Collection When Not Edge Routing

To hold dust collection adapter, I made this simple bracket, nothing fancy.

Step 14: How It Should Work

I plug my vacuum, then I plug the router into the vacuum and select that vacuum turn on when I turn on the tool. And that's it, I now can start routing.

Step 15: UPDATE

I also updated my jigsaw blade from Bosch T344DP to metabo wood professional 150/4.0 mm (623603000).

Link if you care:

Cutting results in the pictures.

Step 16: Build With New Jigsaw Blade

With that new jigsaw bade I made this simple shoe shelf. Had a blast making it, except sanding ha ha!

Step 17: END

And that's it - the build / mod is finished!
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