Introduction: Router Table

About: I am an amateur do it your selfer. I enjoy working with wood and light metal work in my spare time.

Step 1: Building the Table

I used some scrap wood I had lying around.
2x24x34. 4 pieces for the legs and used 1x4 for bracing. The table top was 30x34x3/4 inch plywood. I mounted a 1x6 to the router and cut a hole in the middle of the 1x6 where the bit will be. I cut a hole in middle of plywood top
10 7/8 x5 5/8 to insert the router then I put 2 scrap pieces on bottom to hold the router.

Step 2: Adding the Guide

I use a 1x4x24 and drilled a hole at the top of the table. Put a carriage bolt washer and wing nut. The other end will be clamped with a C clamp. I also drilled about 3 more holes to the right about 2 inches apart in case I would need to move the guide.

Step 3: Adding Switch and Plug Ends

I had some cord lying around from an old drill that went out so I went to the lumber yard and picked up 1 light switch, 1 double plug and 2 male plugs total price about 15 bucks. I put the 2 male plugs on the same wire and mounted the switch and plug end to the table with some 12. 2 wire I had in the shop. Cut the plug off my router and wired to the switch.plug the double male in power source the other to your table and you are ready to do some routing.

Step 4: Finished Product

If you are like me I always found it hard to hold the router by hand and to a good job. Figured there had to be a better way.