Introduction: Rowing Machine - Wall Edition

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This rowing machine takes almost no space and is decent alternative for small apartments like mine.


Round weights - different gross weights

Plastic canalization pipe - 1 meter in length (or more), 14 cm in diameter (or more)

Pipe holder - 14 cm in diameter (or more - depends on a size of pipe)

Rope - 10 meters in length, strong

Three rope sheaves, one with bracket

Wooden handle

Pad for soothing the weights


Drilling machine




1 We start with fixing the pipe on the wall with a pipe holder: we drill a hole approximately 0,5 m from the floor on a place where the pipe will stand, insert a wall plug and attach a pipe holder on which we fasten the pipe.

2 Above the pipe (approx: 0,3 m) we fasten the first sheave on the wall

3 In the same height and 1 m to the side (or more - depends on furniture in apartment) we fasten second sheave

4 Under the second sheave, approx. 0,3 m above the floor we fasten third sheave (with bracket)

5 On one side of the rope we make a knot with a small stick, big enough to hold round weights - this side of the rope goes into the pipe

6 We lead other side of the pipe through first, second and third sheave

7 On this side of the rope we fixate wooden handle.