Introduction: Rshiny on Bluemix

This instructables is integrate the R analysis program into bluemix, thus allowing it to be more flexible and provide an interactive analysis using Rshiny

Step 1: Create a Bluemix Account

go to to create an account for a free trial

Step 2: Create an App in Bluemix

After creating a account for bluemix, it should show the dashboard like in the picture. Next, create an app using the included boiler plates for beginners. For IOT application user can add the IOT starter pack from

Step 3: Add the DashDB Services

Click the add service in the dashboard page and find the dashDB service and bind to the app that have been created.

Step 4: Open the DashDB Service

Open the DashDB service from the Bluemix dashboard and click on the analyse tab where the develop r script option will be avaliable. it will bring to the r online where the user id and password can be found in the dashDB connection settings.

Step 5: Add RShiny Packages Into the Online R

add the Rshiny pacakage into the R studio online using the link.