Introduction: Rt-ac66u Power Button Fix

fix power button popping up problem

Step 1: Disassemble Case and Remove the Heatsink, Follow Video

you'll need a small phillips head screwdriver to remove heatsink screws. having one with a magnetic tip makes this a lot easier

Step 2: Bend Pins

using flathead screwdriver or similar object, bend the two pins in this picture towards each other so they are close together or touching

Step 3: Solder Pins Together

solder the pins together

Step 4: Reassemble Router

before attempting to power on, be sure antennas are installed or you can damage the radios

re-assemble router in reverse order, you can leave off switch spring and retainer but install the switch button so that the hole is covered and less dust goes into the case. make sure you firmly squeeze case so that all clips go back in place and use a standard size screwdriver to torque screws all the way down

enjoy not having to deal with a router that randomly powers itself off