Introduction: Rubber Band Ball Storage

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So in cleaning up my storage closet, I was trying to find a place to put everything so it didn't look like such a junk closet. I came to the balls, and had no where to put them. I checked instrutables and in doing that I noticed the rubber band contest and came up with this.

What is it?

Its basically two hangers and two rubber bands, but it holds balls pretty good.


Balls to hang

Coat hangers (with the small dress hooks)

Rubber bands, of course.

Step 1: Putting It Together

First, hook the rubber band to one of the hangers smaller hooks and then attach the other end of the rubber band to the same spot on the other hanger. Repeat for the other side, and push the ball through the bottom of the hangers. Hang it up and voila! A new way to store your balls!

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