Introduction: Rubber Band Challenge: Dog Toy Catapult

I got the idea to make this because I have heard many people complain about having sore arms after playing catch with their dog. Now don't get me wrong, I love throwing the dog toy to my dog, but after awhile my arm gets pretty tired. So, I drew out some sketches and decided to make a dog toy catapult. This is a very fun thing to have because not only is it useful, it is also very enjoyable.

Step 1: Materials

One 10 by 7 in wood board, two 2 by 6 in wooden boards, some screws, a drill, one giant long nail, a handful of rubber bands (preferably medium to big sized), a clear box's lid (smallish), a giant spoon or scooper, and a dog toy.

Step 2: How to Build

Start off with getting out your drill and screw. Then, to your 10 by 7 board drill in 2 screws on one end, in the middle (short side). After you have done that do it to the other short side, but with only 1 screw. After you have done this, get your two 6 by 2 boards and screw them into the long side, boards standing up straight, forwards one end of the board.

Step 3: More on How to Build

After you have done the previous steps, drill a hole (at the top) of both 2 by 6 boards. Next, get your plastic lid and your plastic spoon/scoop and you will need to drill a screw through the plastic lid, and through the plastic scooper/spoon. When this is complete you can cut down the edges of the plastic lid to match the spoon/scooper.

Step 4: Even MORE on How to Build

After ALL of the other previous steps are complete, you'll need to follow these next few ones to get even closer to finishing. Get the spoon/scooper, and drill a hole at the base (where you hold it). Make sure the hole is facing towards the side of the spoon, going all the way through. Next, slip the giant long nail halfway into the holes (we drilled them earlier) in the 6 by 2 boards.
Lastly, slip the spoon/scooper contraption (remember it has a plastic lid attached to it) over the half of the giant long nail that is sticking out. It will slip over because of the hole we drilled into the spoon/scooper earlier.

Step 5: Last Step on How to Build

Now that you have completed all the structural steps, this next one will be about the rubber bands. Start off by getting out your long bands and attaching them from the plastic (tied or wrapped around) to the two nails on the 10 by 7 board. Then, set them over the nails, and your practically done!

BONUS: if you don't have long bands this step will help. Put bands knotted together from the scooper/spoon (tied around) to the single nail on the other short end of the 7 by 10 board. This will help prevent shorter bands getting snapped on the opposite side.

Now, if your finished, put a toy on top of the plastic lid, push down on the spoon/scooper, and BAM!!!! Your finished! I hope you enjoy using this with your furry friend, or for just plain fun!!

Enjoy, and don't forget to vote for me :)!

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