Introduction: Rubber Band Gun

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This is a pretty cool single shot rubber band gun that should be easy to make.

Go to my website for a free pattern download.

You will need a few tools:

  • Band or scroll saw
  • Pin nailer
  • Sand paper
  • Drill
  • Flush cut saw
  • And optionally a drill press and palm sander


  • 1/4" plywood (inside and outside handles)
  • 1/4" Hardboard (trigger)
  • 1/8" Hardboard (Rubber band rail for the nib)

The rubber bands are the small hobby type kids use to make bracelets.

You can see how I made mine using a new technique I developed for cutting multiple patterns on my YouTube channel. If you like what you see... be sure to subscribe.

Step 1: Mark Up All the Parts

I used a construction grade plywood, so I wanted to make sure the ruff side of the plywood was on the inside of the gun on both sides. So with that in mind... one of the outsides of the gun need to be cut on the flip side.

Cut the parts from the free pattern from my website to size.

I already have parts cut out as solid hardboard patterns rather than paper. If you use the paper... spray mount works great.

Step 2: ​Cut All Plywood Parts

Cut all your parts from patterns. Mark your wood just outside the line so you can sand down to the line... or for no sanding... check out my technique on my YouTube channel.

Step 3: Tape the Two Outside Pieces Together

Tape the two outside pieces together and drill for the dowel where the trigger rotates.

Tape the two outside pieces together so the drilling is perfectly registered through both parts to give the best alignment. A drill press is the best option for this step.

Step 4: Cut Inside Parts

Step 5: Inside Parts Glued and Nailed to Outside Part #1

Glue and nail inside parts to one of the outside pieces

  1. Glue and pin nail trigger
  2. Glue and pin nail handle
  3. Glue and pin nail barrel

Order of Glue and pin nail is not necessary.

Make sure you are nailing the inside to the ruff side of the plywood.

Step 6: Glue and Nail Other Outside Part #2

Glue and pin nail other side of rubber band gun

Step 7: Trigger

  1. Trace the trigger pattern to a piece of 1/4" hard board
  2. Cut and sand to size
  3. Locate (with pattern) and trace trigger slot for rubber band
  4. Cut out and sand trigger slot
  5. Locate and drill pilot hole for trigger pivot point to dowel size

Step 8: Trigger Pivot Hole

  1. Drill trigger pivot point on drill press to dowel size
  2. Sand to slightly oversize hole (see my YouTube video for tips)
  3. Fin tune rubber band slot

Step 9:

  1. Glue opposite side from where you will start the dowel
  2. Match up holes from gun and trigger
  3. insert dowel and tap down with a hammer
  4. Flush cut the dowel

Step 10: Positioning Positive Stop for Drilling

  1. Using the trigger pattern again locate where the positive stop needs to be located
  2. This function is to hold the trigger while multiple rubber bands hold the trigger back.
  3. Make sure the trigger is forward enough to keep from drilling as you drill for the positive stop.

Step 11: Positioning Positive Stop for Assembly

  1. Glue and insert dowel
  2. Flush cut
  3. Sand both sides to smooth out dowels

Step 12: Barrel Assembly

  1. Cut a piece of 1/8" hard board to the width of your gun for the firing nib
  2. Cut a nib on one end of the hardboard (about 3/16")
  3. Glue and pin nail in place

Step 13: A Little Finish Sanding

A little finish sanding and your ready to play.

Step 14: Target Practice Ready Rubber Band Gun

It doesn't matter if you make these one at a time or set up production... the rotating trigger and aiming accuracy is a fundamental quality to this rubber band gun.

Watch my video of how I mass-produce these to sell at a crafts mall. Be sure to like and subscribe THANKS!!!

Here is the link to the YouTube video

Feel free to make them to sell yourself.

Oh... I have a FREE Downloadable PDF you can use as the pattern.


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