Introduction: Rubber Band Launcher

Easy office warfare device!

Use it well, use it to hit office workers in the head with a rubber band, use it wisely.

WARNING: office workers may get ticked off if you use it the wrong way.

WARNING: if you shoot this at your boss, you may get fired!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

You will need:

Amunition(rubber bands)

a paperclip

a bratty office target!!!

You will NOT need to substitute materials. Both of these items can be found in your cubical!

Step 2: Making the Hook

Bend the smaller, inner part of the paperclip.

Step 3: Making the Handle

Bend the hook back even further

Step 4: How to Hold It

do this

Step 5: Load Your Weapon

Put one or more rubber bands in the hook. Make it look like this.

Step 6: Aim and Fire

The picture above shows what kind of person that you need to shoot at. You have your mission, SO WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!!!(lol)

Step 7: What to Do If Your Plan Backfires

1. Point at the office worker next to you

2. Shower the person you just shot at with compliments

3. Quickly pretend to be working

4. Take full responsibility(yeah right)

5. Pretend that you didn't mean to hit them in the head with a rubber band

6. Hide your weapon and say you have no idea what just happened

7. Don't say a word about it and pretend you didn't notice(hide your weapon first)

Step 8: Thanks! Please Leave a Comment in the Box Below!

If it doesn't work just tweak it and try again. Tell me your ideas so I can fix this instructable!

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