Introduction: Rubber Band Powered Launcher

Have fun making this simple rubber band powered launcher


You will need:

A sheet of Corrugated cardboard

Hot glue gun



Rubber band


‏Skewer stick

Box cutter knife

Step 1: Making the Base

Cut two pieces of cardboard

Cut one of them 15 x 9 cm and the other 14 x 9 cm

Take the 14 x 9 cm cardboard and score a line through the middle and fold it
now take the 15 x 9 cm cardboard and glue the 14 x 9 cm cardboard onto it using a hot glue gun

as shown above

Step 2: Making the Arm

Cut a 19 x 9 cm rectangle from the cardboard
then score two lines 3 cm apart all the way down

Then take some tape and tape it together to make the arm

As shown above

Step 3: Attaching the Arm to the Base

Cut a piece of cardboard 6 cm x 3 cm

Score a line through the middle

This will be your pivot point

Then glue the pivot point onto the arm about 3cm down as shown

Now take the arm and glue it onto the base as shown

Step 4: Making the Basket

Cut a square piece of card board 5cm x 4cm

Then score a line 1/2cm on all four sides then turn it around and fold them upwards as shown in the picture to create your basket.

(You can glue the sides together to make it s stronger)

Step 5: Attaching the Skewer Sticks

Cut a skewer stick 3 cm long and glue the middle of it to the underneath of the launcher as shown (don’t glue the sides just the middle as this is where your rubber band will attach later)

Then cut 2 x 4cm pieces from the skewer stick and push 1 piece through the top of the arm and glue the second piece onto the back of the arm as shown in the picture

Step 6: Attaching the Basket

Take your launcher and glue the basket onto the back of it

This will be the area you put an object to lunch it

Step 7: Attaching the Rubber Band

take your rubber band and attach it to the underneath of your launcher as shown

Then take the rubber band and stretch it over and around the top skewer of the launcher

As shown above

And there you have it your own rubber band powered launcher.

Step 8:

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