Rubber Band Shooting Sniper

Introduction: Rubber Band Shooting Sniper

How to Make Rubber Band Shooting Sniper!

Step 1: Part 1: Gather Materials

5, 12 in rolled up pieces of paper

5, 6 in rolled up pieces of paper

4, 3 in rolled up pieces of paper

6, 2 in rolled up pieces of paper




Rubber Bands

Colored Paper

Step 2: Part 2: Insert Body

Take 4, 6 in rolled up tubes and tape together.

Step 3: Part 3: Insert Ends

Put 4, 6 in tubes inside of 2, 12 in tubes.

Step 4: Part 4: Make Scope and Holder

Cut 1, 6 in tubes in half for holder.

Use 6 in tube for the scope, glue on.

Step 5: Part 5: Make Handle, Trigger, Trigger Guard, and Aim Sight

Glue 1, 12 in rolled up paper to front of gun.

Take 1, 3 in paper and fold it to make trigger guard.

Ta,e 1, 3 in paper to make trigger.

Step 6: Part 6: Make Stock

Glue 1, 3 in paper on top of gun.

Glue 1, 3 in paper under gun.

Glue 1, 2 in paper under 3 in paper.

Step 7: Part 7: FIRE!

Gather rubber bands and fire away.

Cock back rubber band to trigger.

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    4 years ago

    Looks like fun!