Introduction: Rubber Bands As Helping Hands

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If you have struggled with trying to solder your small project on a slippery surface then this is for you.

Traditional helping hands work great on carpeted work surfaces or if they are glued, or bolted down.

What happens if you cannot modify a slick work surface? How about using an old book and some rubber bands?

If you want to see the process I went through to figure this out and prefer learning by video instead of by instructions then check out the video above.


A book(the larger and heavier the better)

3 large rubber bands

A set of helping hands(optional)

A small project board and components you are trying to solder

Soldering iron and solder

Step 1: First 2 Rubber Bands

Wrap the two rubber bands around the narrow part of the book.

Place them on opposite ends of the book as far apart as possible, but far enough from the edge to hold the board to be soldered without it hanging off the side.

Step 2: The Third Rubber Band

Place the third rubber band around the book perpendicular to the first two.

Spread the 2 sections of rubber band as wide as possible.

Step 3: Holding the Board

Slip the project board under a rubber band to hold it down to the book.

The rubber bands will keep the book from sliding, the book has enough mass and size to be stable.

The board is held securely to the book by the rubber band.

Step 4: Optional Helping Hands

If you need to hold the board at a different angle or need the hands to hold something else you can use a

set of helping hands placed on the book, but held down with the rubber bands.

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