Rubber Button Replacement

Introduction: Rubber Button Replacement

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Suppose you have a device with a worn-out rubber button, such as the flashlight pictured here. With a little Sugru and patience, your device can be working good as new. Just remove the old rubber piece from the device and form a small amount of Sugru into the same shape as the old one. Make sure the Sugru is formed thin enough to flex easily once it sets. I made the mistake of making my button too thick so it is hard to actuate the device. Here you can see my flashlight with the old button on the left and the new Sugru button on the right.

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    A nice find for me today. I have a kitchen faucet with a button that switches from regular faucet stream to a shower-like many outlet cleaning flow. The little plastic button tore and the only option from the manufacturer (boo hiss Grohe) is to replace the entire faucet head for over $150. Certainly worth trying this before investing that sum. Right now - it has a (flexible) piece of duct tape over the button. Thank you!