Introduction: Rubber Matrix Mat

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In this Instructable, I'll share how I use the inner tube of my old bicycle tyre to create this beautiful looking multipurpose matrix mat.

This mat is really easy to make. So let's start...


We will Need:

1) Bicycle Tube

2) A measuring tape

3) A pair of Scissors

4) Pen

Step 1: Cutting

1) Using measuring tape, mark a 1-cm line on the tube.

2) Cut along the mark so that you have rubbers pieces with a width of 1-cm.

Step 2: Making a Unit

1) Take 4 rubber pieces. For easier understanding lets name them A, B, C and D.

2) Now, take rubber A and B. Pass A inside B to make a "T" like link.

3) Holding the intersection of "T" like link

4) Take another rubber lets say C and pass rubber B inside C to make somewhat "$ " like link

5) Now pass the rubber C inside D and pass D inside A to complete 1 square.

Step 3: Build on and Make a First Layer

1) Take the square you have made and three more rubbers name them as E, F, G in order to make it simpler for understanding.

2) Now hold one end of the square and mark it let say "A".

3) You have to take one of the rubbers lets say E and pass it inside A.

4) Take another rubber and mark it as F now pass the F over the E and attach it with A making somewhat "Harry Potter's mark" like link.

5) Now take rubber G and pass it inside E and then pass the rubber F inside G to complete the link now you can see two squares.

6) Take the end of rubber E and now build on that and by continuing this process make a chain of 14 squares.

7) You are ready with the first layer.......

Step 4: Making 2nd Layer

1) Take 5 rubbers and name them P, Q, R, S, T to make it more simpler for understanding.

2) Take the first layer you have made and mark its one of the end as "A"
*Note that end "A" should be titled towards the right. And also mark the 2nd end in the same row as "B"

3) Take rubber "P" and pass rubber "A" (on the end of the first layer) inside "P"

4) Take another rubber "Q" and pass rubber "P" inside "Q".

5) Holding the joint take rubber "R" and pass "R" inside "A" and then pass "Q" inside "R" to complete the square of the 2nd layer.

6) Now pass rubber "S" inside "R" and hold it and pass "R" inside the rubber "B" (2nd rubber on the st layer)

7) Take "T" and pass it inside the same rubber "B" and pass "s" inside "T", Now you have completed the 2nd square of the 2nd layer.

Follow the same steps and make 14 squares in the 2nd layer.

8) Following the same steps, you can make 3rd,4th,5th, etc layers.
Make desired layers as per your requirements.

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