Introduction: Rubber Band and Fibre Nervous Robotic Hand

Robotic hand make from materials around u.


Teach science in low cost.

If we connect all the strings and hang it with a balance(cup type) with rubber band connection. When wind blow automatically fingers move. Just fix it over a plate. Put a gloves and some blood stains. Its a nice decorator for halloween.

Step 1: List of Materials

Materials Required

1) Waste cardboard (I got it from table old calender)

2) Selefon tape (or Glue gun)

3) Fibre string

4) Rubber band

5)Drinking straw

6)Hand Gloves (I made it from waste cloth)

7) Pieces of cloth or cotton.

Tools Required

1) Scissor


Step 2: Prepare the Hand

First Take a trace of your hand with finger fold lines in the cardboard. Cut 2 nos of cardboard for one hand. Fold one card board finger lines shown in the figure.

In the second piece of hand trace card board. First cut above the marks of the palm and separate fingers. Then in the fingers leave 5 to 10 mm over and below the line and cut as shown in the last image.

Step 3: Join Pieces to Hand

Put the cut pieces in the back of the hand trace and paste it (if use glue gun its quick and easy I have no glue gun so i use Selefon tape).

See the above picture only 50% of the cut pieces up to the line only pasted in the hand. Remaining act as the stopper while hand expand.

Step 4: Join Drinking Straw

Cut straw into small pieces and paste it in the center of each finger joint. So u want to cut 14 pieces if straw and paste it as shown in the figure.

Take 5 long pieces of straw and paste it in the palm straight to the finger.


Space between each straw is essential, That only allow the hand to grip.

Step 5: Join Rubber Band for Pullback

Turn the back side. Cut 5 rubber band and fix one end of rubber band in the top of each finger. Stretch the rubber band and fix the other end of rubber band straight to the middle of the hand.

After paste the rubber band. Turn the hand and check manually fold the finger and release the hand(as shown in the video) finger automatically straight.


Step 6: Time for Nervous Operation

Take 5 pieces of Fiber string or thread. Tie each string at the top of the finger joint straw. Insert Fiber string to the remaining straw of that finger and bring it to the bottom of the hand. Check each finger by hole the board in one hand and strings.

Some thing want to done more. Bones nervous are ready then what about the muscles and Skin?

Step 7: Final Touch Up

I stretch a gloves from Waste cloth.

Insert the hand in that gloves. For fingers and palm insert waste cloth pieces or Cotton.

Test it by pull each rope separately and all rope together.


Only with the help of rubber it work in any direction.

Try it and have fun. U also teach science in very low cost.

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