Rubber Reinforced Water Bottle From Glass Jar

Introduction: Rubber Reinforced Water Bottle From Glass Jar

I had a glass jar just sitting on my desk that I was going to try to make something awesome out of. I ended up losing my nalgene water bottle while mountain biking so i decided that the jar would substitute just fine. Glass water bottles are a surfacing trend these days because they dont taint your water and they are very stylish, only problem is that glass shatters when dropped which makes a glass bottle less than ideal for camping, biking, skydiving, hiking, animal wrangling etc. I picked this idea up from a commercially available glass bottle that use's an external rubber mesh that acts as a shock absorber if dropped and provides for a more grippy material to hold onto, an inner tube from a bicycle served this purpose for me. Building this project should take no more than half an hour and can be done for free. Many of you instructublists can probably figure out how to make this just by looking at the intro pic but im going to go ahead and make a full step by step instructable for my own personal amusment. Here we go!!!!

Step 1: Stuff That Will Become the Bottle

To make this project all you need is a quaint old jar, some bike inner tube and a thick needle and thread, like a thick needle and thread. Dental floss would probably work for thread. Tape is optional.

Step 2: Chop Up the Tube

To do this you dont want the tube to be a tube anymore, instead you want it to be a strip that can be chopped into more strips. With a normal MTB tube I would suggest de-tubeing it (cutting down the tube to make it into a strip of rubber) then cutting that strip down the middle so you will end up with two strips aprox. 1/2 inch wide. Measure the lengthof strip you need using the jar itself, each strip segment should be the circumference of the jar. Cut like five of them.

Step 3: Sew the Strips Into Bands

Don't know how to sew? What kind of man are you? I used sail mending sewing gear so its pretty heavy duty. This part is pretty easy, you just need to make circular bands out of all the strips you previously cut. You may have a more high tech or creative way of doing this but this worked for me, just make sure that the band is smaller than the circumference of the jar so it fits around tightly. I sewed through both ends of the strip and wrapped the thread around it then sinched it down tight. 

Step 4: Finished Pretty Much

Once you have manufactured all strips fit them around the bottle. And yah, your pretty much done, there's room for custimization of course. Go take it on an adventure or give it to your mom for xmas, subject it to a durability test, if you do tell me how it goes.

Thanks alot for taking the time to read my instructable lads, I have other more legit projects im working on that i will post one day in the future. This is my second account and its been along time since I have istructableized any of my projects so please post your uncensored criticism in the comments. You can check out my older less consciously made instructables, rastamonkey was my old user name I think, i dont know im too scared to look it up and see how lame i was back then.
Anyways thanks guys, take it easy.

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