Introduction: Rubberband Machine Gunning, Infrared Sensing, TV DEFENDER ROBOT

Using no integrated circuits, this robot waits for an infrared signal from a standard TV remote, and then rapidly fires a set of rubber bands.

Note: View/Request the "desktop site" if you do not see the video.

Disclaimer: This project is inherently dangerous, and you take full liability for any damages that may occur directly or indirectly from doing this project.

Step 1: Obtain Rubber Band Machine Gun Materials


  • Plywood base
  • Wooden barrel (1/2" wooden dowel cut to length of a stretched rubber band)
  • Wooden spacer (1/2" wooden dowel cut to a short piece)
  • Mop wall mounting bracket (for holding the motor)
  • motor driven spool
  • Screws

Step 2: Assemble the Rubber Band Machine Gun

  1. Place the barrel on the spacer on the base
  2. Screw together
  3. position the mop bracket such that the spool will line up with the barrel
  4. Screw onto base
  5. Click motor into mop mounting bracket

Step 3: Obtain Electronic Components

General Supplies

  • Solder
  • wire
  • bread board
  • 9v battery
  • 9v battery connector
  • power supply (I used my homemade 6v battery pack)

Specific components

  • 1 Infrared led
  • 1 MOSFET
  • 6 npn transistors
  • 1 ceramic Capacitor (10nF)
  • 1 potentiometer (20k)
  • 2 resistors (470 ohms)
  • 4 resistors (10 kilo ohms)
  • 1 resistor (100 kilo ohms)
  • 1 resistor (1 kilo ohms)

Step 4: Solder Electronic Control Circuit

Use the circuit diagram (inside the dashed lines) to solder the circuit.

Connect all Vss to the positive lead of the 9v battery.

Connect all grounds to the negative lead of the 9v battery.

Step 5: Finalize

Use wire nuts to attach power supply and rubber band gun to the control circuit. Use the circuit diagram outside the dashed lines to wire this part.

Then adjust the potentiometer to the desired sensitivity.

It is ready to be used

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