Rubberband Wall Decoration and Sorter

Introduction: Rubberband Wall Decoration and Sorter

Hello, this is a simple instructable on how to sort all your rubberbands lying around and hang them on a wall as a decoration or as an ammo belt for your rubberband gun wars if you like that kind of thing.This sorts all of your rubberbands by colour,length width etc.


Step 1: Rubberbands

Now you have all your rubberband,right? OK just making sure.

Step 2: Linking Part 1.

OK now im going to teach you how to link these rubberbands.

Take 2 rubberbands and place them inside eachother like shown.

Step 3: Linking Pt2

Now you pull both sides of of the rubberband  up and place one inside another.

Step 4: Linking Pt3

Now pull until you get something that looks like a knot.

Step 5: Assortment

Now keep doing this until you get your chosen assortment of rows,just because i had a lot of coloured rubberbands, i did of course, colored rows.

Step 6: One Big Chain.

Now take 2  more rubberbands and link them. You should know how to do this by now!

Slide the link through the tops of each chain as shown in the yellow boxes on the picture.

After its through all your chains tie the link together and you should have the finished product!

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