Introduction: Rube Goldberg - Catch a Mouse

Aim: Our Rube Goldberg machine was designed to catch a mouse. (We have used a toy mouse for demonstration purposes).

Equipment we used:

Barbie doll and car, large wooden dominoes, plastic dominoes, ping pong ball, recycled tissue box, recycled toilet roll, push car, string, marbles, wooden planks, cricket stump, recycled plastic bottle, recycled Chinese container

Technology used:

Ramps, pulley, funnel, rails/gutters,

Step 1: Getting It Started.

Push car so it moves down the ramp to gather enough force to hit the first dominoes.

Step 2: the Dominoes Fall

The dominoes fall and it allows the force of the ping pong ball to roll forward through the guttering.

Step 3: The Ping Pong Ball Rolls Down the Ramp.

The ping pong ball has enough speed to roll down ramp and power dominoes.

Step 4: The Dominoes Hit the Pulled Back Car

The dominoes hits the pulled back car that is held by string and sets the car off.

Step 5: The Car Powers Marbles to Roll Forwards With Speed

The car is power enough to hit the marbles with a lot of speed.

Step 6: the Marbles Roll Into the Funnle With Power

The marbles rolls down the funnle with momentum and power into the container taped to the bowl.

Step 7: The String Rolls and the Mouse Is Caught

The string rolls down and traps the toy mouse.

What we learnt:

  • Something that we learnt was that you can make a pull back car not move by holding it up by string
  • If you work together you can create something new
  • That if you have more force you have more speed
  • is that the car can't push a lot of big marbles
  • Trying to hold the string up