Rube Goldberg Project

Introduction: Rube Goldberg Project

After I had drawn up my plan, I tried to build it and it was definitely very flawed. Midway through I had to change a lot about the project and how I would go about it. Mainly the location was changed and much of the supplies. I knew I did want to use my spoon rack because it was the first thing I had made in the class and I figured out I could use it to spool the string to make an obstacle go away for a part of the project which I did. And the dominos I had originally planned to use were far too small so I switched to Survivor DVDs which I had an abundance of and they worked perfectly. And finally I had planned for a ball to be thrown down the steps but after countless times of my dog knocking it over, I figured I would let him be a what made te prject start.


Survivor DVDs


Spoon Rack





Step 1: My Dog(Rudy) and Survivor DVDs

The first part relied fully on my dog getting the treat from the first disc and also making it get knocked over. I had put the treat on the top of the first DVD in the hopes that he would be too small to get it without knocking it over. Luckily, I have a small dog and it worked. As the DVDs were falling over the final one had a string attached and when it would be knocked over it would release the baseball.

Step 2: Baseball and Spoon Rack

The final Survivor DVD had a string attached to it. When the DVD was knocked over, the string was attached to a place hold which was blocking a baseball. When the place holder was removed, the baseball rolled down the ramp and hit the button on the spoon rack to make it start spinning. Once it starts spinning, the top was attched to a string and it also moved a piece of cardboard.

Step 3: Mini Skateboard and Soap

The final part was that the spoon rack spun the string that when spooled enough would take away another holder which released a mini skateboard with a spoon tapped on so the spoon would scoop the soap and ultimately fall into my hand.

Step 4: Final Video

Here is the video of the working product. I will also post it on google classroom in case it does not work here.

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