Introduction: Rube Goldberg Ramp

Basic Instructions to make Rube Goldberg Ramp.

Step 1: Obtaining Correct Materials

One should first begin by cutting up aluminium cans, it is important to note that you should take caution, as the edges of aluminium when cut can be sharp. Follow this until you have a circular strip, make sure it's uniform.

Step 2: Obtaining a Jar

A container will be needed to store your precious deposit of overly complicated money. As such, grab a jar and remove the label.

Step 3: Splitting and Uniforming the Strips for the Proper Creation of Ramps.

One should then halve the circular strips, once again, it should be stressed to be careful around the edges, as they are sharp.

Step 4: Assembling the Ramp.

Connect the quartered cylinders with duct tape or a similar adhesive, make sure to duct tape the edges so that you cannot cut your hands or fingers on the sharp edges.

Step 5: Assembling the Ramps and Building Supports for Said Ramp

Now connect the ramps with a semi-elaborate support system, be sure to make the ramps have an incline where a coin can slide down. Make sure you duct tape the edges and ensure that it is stable enough to stand on it's own.

Step 6: Finalise the Project

Place the ramp between two higher surfaces and the coin jar on the bottom, position it carefully so that the coin will actually hit the jar.

After that, have fun!