Introduction: Rube Goldberg Recycle a Paper Into a Recycling Bin

This was the start of our project. We pull a lever then the car goes down. This was a racing track that we used for the start of our project of recycling paper into a recycling bin.

Step 1: First Part of Our Project

The car knocks over the dominos. At the end of this picture you probably can't see but the dominoes push over a little ball.

Step 2: Second Part of Our Project

Well in this picture you are probably wondering 'what is this picture for'. Well the ball goes through the tube then their are little doors so the ball doesn't go on the ground it will go down the ramp that is what we were aiming for.

Step 3: 3 Part of Our Project

Well in this picture the ball goes down and it pushes a piece of sticky tape then it knocks over the books which then knock over a big piece of cardboard.

Step 4: 4 Part of Our Project

The cardboard hits the dominoes then the dominoes fall all down and hit a cup which the cup falls over with rubbish in it and their is our project done.

Step 5: Last Part

Well this picture is self explaniShere this is where the rubbish falls into this recycling bin already with paper in it.

Well me and my team learned teamwork. I know I wouldn't be able to do it with out them. another thing we learned was patience. We knew we couldn't get it on the first go but we kept trying and it worked!