Introduction: Rube Goldburg

By: Hannah, Michaela, and Skyler

Step 1: The Hill

We taped a straight track near the top of the cabinet, angled down. To start the Rube Goldburg, drop the marble from the tip of the straight track so that it can accelerate downward.

Step 2: The Pully

The pully is attracted to the ceiling. Attached to the pully is a basket on one end and a ruler on the other. The basket will catch the marble that is accelerating down from step 1, causing the basket to drop while simultaneously, lifting the ruler.

Step 3: Switch Around #1

The ruler that was lifted in step 2, is now angled up. The marble that is in the straight track attached to the ruler, rolls down into another straight track angled down that contains a marble. The first marble hits that second marble and makes it fall into step 4.

Step 4: Switch Around #2

The marble hits another marble from an angled down straight track in the switch around.

Step 5: The Funnel

The marble falls into the last switch around and hits the last marble. This marble rolls down into a funnel. It falls out of the funnel and travels down the tracks to hit a golf ball which is positioned at the very end of the tracks.

Step 6: The Golf Ball

The golf ball at the edge of the tracks, on top of a stack of books, moves and falls off of the stack and hits the dominoes positioned at the very right place where they will get hit.

Step 7: The Dominoes

The dominoes, lined up one after the other, fall down. They hit a baseball which is set closer to the edge of the second stack of books.

Step 8: The Baseball

The baseball, after being hit by the dominoes, falls off of the stack, drops through the tape roll, and hits the switch for the fan on the extension chord, turning the fan on.

Step 9: The Fan

The fan then pushes the boat, which is in the container of water, to the end of the container.

Step 10: The Tennis Ball

At the end of the boat, there are toothpicks. When it gets to the end, the toothpicks hit the tennis ball which rests on a littler ramp.

Step 11: The Light

The tennis ball then drops and hits the mousetrap which makes a circuit to turn on the light.