Introduction: Solving the Rubik's Cube (Faster & Simpler)

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Hello guys! This is TheGreatCK.

In this instructable, I will show you how to solve a 3by3 Rubik's Cube in a swift and easy-to-remember way.

Things needed-

  • A Rubik's Cube.
  • A notepad to note down algorithms (optional)
  • Calm Mind!

Steps you need to cover-

  • Step 1- Cross and 3 corners
  • Step 2- Middle Pieces
  • Step 3- Last Corner and middlepiece
  • Step 4- "Top Wash"
  • Step 5- "Headlights"
  • Step 6- "Dots"

This way of solving the cube is based on Jessica Freidrich's method but some other moves and new ones are also adopted. This is useful for beginners as well as pros.

Step 1: Cross and 3 Corners

In this step you will do a cross or a plus on any side of the cube (here-white). And also do only 3 corners around it.

First thing is make a plus on any side of the cube. Note that the corresponding color also should be matched. The speed of this move depends entirely on YOUR OWN skill.

The next thing is to bring ANY THREE corners of the same side on which you have done the plus. This time too mach the 3 colors of the piece. Again this is a step which can take any amount of time.

Step 2: Middle Pieces

In this step starts the real challenge of the rubik's cube.

The middle pieces are not so hard to bring in place, it's really hard to go wrong. So follow these steps:

  • Locate the pieces (image 2)
  • Bring them near their place (image 3 which comes 5 th in order)
  • Bring the empty corner under their place (image 3 the other one)
  • Open the slot (open on left if piece matches on left; right if on right) (image 5)
  • Bring the middle piece left or right (wherever needed)
  • Bring slot down
  • Bring empty corner back to original places

Step 3: The Last Corner and Middle Piece

In this step, we will bring the last remaining corner and middlepiece in position.

Now, your cube is probably in a position like image 1.

To bring both of the pieces at a time, bring the corner with (here:white color) at the top (image 2)

Now follow steps in the pictures which come next. Opposite position, opposite algorithm.

Step 4: Wash the Face!

In this step, we have to cover the whole of the top face with the top color. Not necessarily bringing the pieces in place! You have to finally reach the position in image 1.

This too has substeps -

  • Make a plus on the top. If you see only the center piece, no middlepiece turned up, then do FRUR'U'F'. If you see a boomerang (a plus sign cut diagonally) then keep both arms at front and right and do FRUR'U'F', if you see a minus sign, keep both arms at left and right and do FRUR'U'F'.
  • Turn upward all the corners.(image 2,3,4,5)

Note for experienced speed cubers-

Advanced algorithms for substep 1 in the video.

Step 5: Headlights!

At this stage you need to find "headlights" as in when the left and right pieces are same and the piece in the middle is different (image 1)

For those who didn't find headlights,do this- R'FR'B2RF'R'B2R2

For those who did find headlights but on only one side, keep them behind (given in image 2) and do the same algorithm which is given.

For those who got headlights on more than 1 sides, skip this step, go on the next step

Note for fast speed cubers-

Algorithms for you are given in image 3 and 4.

Step 6: Position the Dots

This is the last step

Now look across the last layer

Look at the images. You will find some image matching your position and then do the algorithm given. Look at image 1

Note for fast speedcubers (and normal people also)

Fast algorithms are given in images 2,3


Another way of remembering algorithms is by listening to the sound s of your cube. That maintains your moves and you can easily understand if anything goes wrong or you are doing the wrong moves.

Now your cube will be done and i hope you liked my instructable. Any comments, mistakes can be posted below in the comment box.

Step 7: Current Cube Status

Buying Cube, World Records etc.

I have used Mo Yu Aolong cube in this instructable

Current World Record Video here

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