Introduction: Ruler Bow

make a bow that you can use to shoot stuff with this is my first Instructable so be as harsh as you want
note I am not responsible if you shoot someone's eye out or harm them or your self in any other way

Step 1: Things Needed

things needed
drill bit
rubber band
bamboo skewer
needle (optional)
straw from MC Donalds
paper clips

Step 2: Make Middle Hole Bigger

take the drill bit and make the middle hole bigger in the ruler

Step 3: Add the Rubberband

make sure that only on side of the rubber band covers the hole you can also tape one side of the rubber ban

Step 4: Ammo

take the bamboo skewer and cut it in half and then make a groove in it with a knife and put the needle in the groove and secure it with tape or you could take straw and put a paper clip on the end for weight

sorry there are not any pictures my my camera

Step 5: Shooting

do I need to explain this