Introduction: Rumtopf

Rumtoft is a German dessert made by preserving fruits and berries in sugar and rum for several months. Once very common, in is now fading in popularity. Let's change that.

Step 1: The Fruit

Traditionally, rumtopfs would be started in spring, using whatever fruits and berries were available. Other produce would be added later as they ripened. You can use whatever fruit you want, just use your best judgement. Rumtopf can be made mixing a multitude of fruits and berries in one large jar, or just one or a few different fruits and berries in several smaller jars. I would not recommend using blueberries, as they absorb to much liquid, and become rock hard.

Step 2: The Rum

Rumtoft is made with rum... obliviously. The brand, colour, colour and flavour is up to you. However you shout opt for a fairly strong one, preferably 50% alcohol by weight. The fruits and berries that is added will leech colour to the rum over time, and a darkly coloured rum will make your rumtopf slightly darker than a clear rum would.

Step 3: The Sugar

The sugar is included in the rumtopf to help preserve the fruit and berries, so skimping is not recommended. The type of sugar is up to you. The sugar will tend to sink to the bottom of the jar, and you will need to stir or gently shake the jar to help it dissolve.

Step 4: The Making Of

To make rumtopf you simply add one part sugar to every two parts of fruits and berries to glass jar, and then add enough rum to submerge it. The recipe is as follows and can be scaled op or down to your preference.

1 kg of fruits and berries

0.5 kg of sugar

Rum to completely cover the fruit, berries, and sugar

The rumtopf should be stored in a dark and cool area for at least three months.

Step 5: The Product

When you are ready to consume the rumtopf, separate the fruit and berries from the liquid. Traditionally consumed at Christmas, the fruits can be served on ice cream, on waffles, or baked into a pie. The liquid, now infused with fruity flavours, can be bottled and consumed like any sweet liquor, and stored for several years.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will make an effort to answer them in a timely fashion. Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial.

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