Introduction: Run Android Tablet Without a Battery

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As mentioned in my previous instructable "run hp stream 7 without a battery" here are the steps & pics of how I run my cheap generic android tablet without a battery. There are a tons of post on how people have done similar stuff with old android phones well why waste tech no mater how cheap right - so here I am with a cheap android tablet (please dont ask which android version - its old, unforgivable old version) that had a bloated failed battery, which by any guess the battery replacement if even possible would have probably cost me more than the actual tablet with the shipping. But then again the reason we all here is caus its fun to hack stuff n make it work right! I did not combine the two instructables caus although they sound pretty much similar they didnt work the same way as I expected. But unlike my HP Stream 7 instructable that had multiple steps - this ones pretty simple! Again this worked for me but may destroy you and your device! Do it at your own risk! I have zero electronics knowledge.

Actually there's just one simple step - remove the battery & tape up the contacts so they dont short on the metal body of the tablet circuit board once done just plug in the usb charging cable into its charging port - boot up and enjoy. Let me know if this hack works with any branded tablets that you have lying around with failed batteries as this certainly did not work on my stream 7 hence the long procedure there. Also if you still looking for cheap portability once again - try plugging the usb wire into a big power bank and see if it works for you.

Get yourself a usb otg Y charging cable or just build one its pretty simple look that up & like the stream 7 you could hook up tons of accessories to make it super usable. The internet is full of creative folks with tons of great ideas & instructables like this place. All the best!