Introduction: Run HDD Spindle Motor Using IC 555 + 4017 + L293D

Hello All,
Here I have tried to run the hard disk with IC 555 and IC 4017 and motor controller IC L293D
The idea is simple ,
Hard disk motor requires 3 shifted pulses to run.You can get information about the stepper motor and running machanism in some other article of instructible.
  - 1 nos ,salvaged hard disk motor
  - 1 nos ,555 IC
  - 1 nos ,4017 IC
  - 1 nos ,L293D IC
  -  4-5 nos ,LEDs (optional) I used then just as a indicator
  -  1 nos , 100 K Pot 
  -  4-5 nos ,1 K resistances 
  - 1 nos, 1uF capacitor
  -  5 v Supply (I modified the mobile charger else you can use 9 V battery )

Step 1:

In screenshot is the Hard disk Motor , I connected 3 different color wires to identify.
1- Red is 1st pulse
2 - Green is 2 nd
3 - Black is provided with 3 rd pulse

Step 2:

I was initially thought of using Arduino for same purpose but then I wanted to minimize the risk using an expensive chip and also dont want to use arduino to just rotate the motor ;)
I thought of using IC 555 to supply the pulses and using the night rider circuit to supply 3 shifted pulses to motor.
Circuit diagram is attached

Here is the working video,