Run-away Four-leaf Clover Prank - Ridiculously Funny!

Introduction: Run-away Four-leaf Clover Prank - Ridiculously Funny!

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Hello, fellow pranksters! This 'ible will show you how to create a false four-leaf-clover and trick people into trying to pick it, and then maybe even chase it across the yard! (But of course, those people couldn't be too intelligent, now, could they?)

Step 1: Get the Supplies

You'll need:
 Four small fake leaves and green floral wire
 White craft glue
 A straw or wooden dowel
 A spool of thread - a color that wouldn't be visible on the ground (I used clear nylon thread - nothing better!)

Or, if you already have a false clover, you can skip the assembly and go to the setup, but then you wouldn't get to build much...

Step 2: "Fixing" the Leaves

Trim the false leaves to the size and shape of your local clover leaves, as shown:

Step 3: Gluing the Leaves

Try to glue together the leaves in a natural looking pattern, so that people won't notice it's fake until it's too late!

Step 4: Glue the Leaves to the Stem

Read the title. Use white craft glue to form a bond between the "stem" and the "leaves". You can also cut the wire at an angle, so that it appears more natural in the way that looks as though the leaves have grown a bit tilted. Remember, it's YOUR clover, so do whatever you want!

Step 5: Setup

Tie the end of the thread onto the "stem" of the clover, with three half hitches. Clip the excess thread at the same end, and let out about twenty (20) feet (Ft.) of thread from the other end. Clip it at the twenty (20) foot (ft.) mark.

Step 6: Rigging

Take a straw and cut off the bendy end. Tie the loose end of the thread around the straw with one hitch and tape it in place. Wrap the remainder of the thread around the straw. When you come to the clover at the end, stick it in the ground, somewhere where people will notice it, but not trample it. Let out the thread as you go to a nearby hiding spot. When someone bends over to pick the "clover", yank the thread and then start quickly reeling it in. They may not even see where it went! The facial expression is priceless. Have fun!

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