Runescape: Easy Money

Introduction: Runescape: Easy Money

Many people on runescape (as in non-members) make money only one fast way. That is by making soft clay. I know that there is already a guide on here, but it wasn't very deatailed. So I will be telling the best places to make soft clay and show the price ranges in between.

Step 1: Step One: Getting Your Ingredients: Clay

First thing you should do is find the ingredients to start your money making process. If you would like to mine the clay, then the map below will tell you where exactly is a good place to mine. Also which banks are sutible for the deposit of clay from your inventory. This mining spot is located northeast of Falador and northwest of Barbarian Village, just under the Ice Mountain were the dwarves are.

If you chose to buy clay (like i do) the G.E. in Varrock is a good place. (Go into world 1 if you want to buy it fast). Buying the clay depends on how much money you have, so if you have about 12k you can buy 70 clay. If you only have about 1k you can buy 6 clay.

(12k = 12,000, 1k = 1000)

Step 2: Step Two: Getting Ingredients: Bucket of Water

Buckets of water are really cheap and bought at all general store for 2gp (or 2 coins) each.
Places to buy them are: Varrock General Store
                                          : Lumbridge General Store
                                          : Falador General Store and so on..
The only problem is that they have a limited amount. Each General Store only carries 30 buckets and sometime people buy them before you (like the one in Varrock).
Recommened places should be the one in Lumbridge (east of the Castle), the one in Falador (north of the White Knights Castle and east of Hair Saloon).

Step 3: Step Three: Filling You Bucket of Water.

Filling the bucket of water is simple. Just click on your bucket in your inventory (or right click it and click use) and click on a fountain.
The closet fountain near the ge is the one east to it, but you have to run a little. So the best foutain to go to (for when you have a large amount of clay in your bank) is the one near the other bank located east of the main fountain in Varrock. (Also east of the arrow shop)
This is the closet with out having to run all the time. And when your down all you got to do is go to the G.E. north of the other Varrock bank.

Step 4: Step Four: Making the Soft Clay.

Making the soft clay is easy. All you need is to put 14 buckets in your inventory and then 14 clay in your inventory. Click the bucket and then click the clay and when the soft clay image is in your word box below right click it and click make all and it will do all 14 clay. All you have to do now is wait and redo this step over and over again till you finish making all your clays into soft clay.

The price of clay ranges from 120 - 200 gp (or 120 coins to 200 coins) depending if you buy it and on what day. 
The price of soft clay ranges from 220 - 310gp (or 220 coins to 310 coins) depending on the day you sell it.
The more you buy clay from the G.E. the more the price goes up.

Step 5: Step Five: Selling the Soft Clay

Now for the final part sellin the soft clay you just made.
Go to the G.E. and click on the people in blue close to exchange. Once the exchange screen shows up click on the sell treasure box (the one on the right).
(If you are a member all boxes are avalible for use)
Click on the sell box and then click on your soft clay in your inventory (Which when you withdrawed it from the bank should be in notes)
Now all you have to do is wait for someone to buy it. (Lowest price and mediam price is advisable)
This step takes a while. So while you wait go level up some skills.
If you are far away from the G.E. go to the nearest bank right click the guy and click collect (only able to so so if you have done the G.E. tour).

Step 6: Done

When you sell the clay withdraw the money and buy more or put it in your bank account and go mine some if you prefere.

Price of Clay                               Prices of Soft Clay
10 - 1670gp                                10 - 2860gp
100 - 16700gp                           100 - 28600gp
1000 - 167000gp                       1000 - 286000gp

(These numbers are not accurate, depends on the price range and if people buy it a lot. This is the price range of today 3/14/2010)

Have fun making Money


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    Wouldn't it be faster to use the fountain in the castle just by the G.E


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    Actually the images aren't really from google, there from the owners of runescape.