Introduction: Runescape: Non-Member Skills

In this instructable i'm going to tell you the best places to level up your skill. Best place as in fastest way by saveing time to rune to the bank.
I will only be doing a few skill on the instructable which are:
These skills can be for both member and non-member users.

Step 1: Woodcutting

There is really only one good place to level up your woodcutting skills and bank your logs fast.
This place is in Drynor Village. (This area is the best for most non-members).
Here you are allowed to cut willow logs and oak and a tree. You need level 30 woodcutting to cut willow logs, but they come faster or you get them faster with level 35 - 40 and so on.
Oak and tree logs are for players with a lower level then 30 which is located east of the bank. Wliiow trees are located south near the fishing area.

See images and map below for more information.

Step 2: Smithing

Smithing is a skill that both members and non-members can do.
You level up in smithing by making bars, smelting ore, and making things like nails, weapons and shields or kites.

Here are the best places to both smelt and smith.
Look and the images and map below.

Step 3: Fishing

There are really two good locations where you can fish.
The first one is the one is the fishing location located north east of Barbarian Village (before the bridge).
The second one is the on located south of the Draynor Village bank. (This place is also good for woodcutting, more details in the woodcutting instructable)
In Barbarian Village you use a fly fishin rod and feathers and you catch troust and salmon which level you up pretty fast.
In Draynor Village you can use either a small net that you catch shrimp and anchovies (which aren't really good for leveling up) and  fishing rod and bait and you catch haring anf sardeans.

Step 4: Cooking

You can practically cook anywhere in Runescape. Altough one of the best places is the cooking guild south west of the Grand Exchange and north west of the Varrock Bank (big bank).

To enter the guild you need a level of 32 in cooking and a chef's hat to go through the door. Once your inside you  can remove the chef's hat if you like.

The guild has some cooking items that come in handy like a chocolate bar, a sink and the place where you get your flour all on the first floor.On the second floor you have two ovens, a table with a bowl and a cake tin and another table with to green cooking apples and a pie dish. On the third floor you have the hooper,a table with one green cooking apple and a jug and another table with a cadava berry (more like a grape to me) and a pot.

This guild is near the bank and grand exchange which both come in handy. There is a bank in the cooking guild and an oven, but it's only for members so this part of the guild non-members cannot reach or use.

See images below.

Step 5: Firemaking

There really isn't a place where you can't make a fire. Practically anywhere you go a fire can be made. To me and other players on runscape a good place to fire make is Draynor Village because you have a bank and trees all around you. So if you feel like making a fire with either your willow, oak or tree logs you can because you have a bank and the tree all around you.
This makes firemaking a whole lot easier.

See images below.

Tip: Certain logs need a certain firemaking level.

Step 6: Done!

Well thosed are really only one of the best places to practice those five skiils for non-member users.
Hope you enjoyed and learn how you can level up fast and easy with a little patients and practice with you skill.
Have fune playing Runescape and leveling up!