Runescape: Skull Sceptre

Introduction: Runescape: Skull Sceptre

Have you ever walked around on Runescape and saw people with a bone liike staff.
Well that bone like staff is called a Skull Sceptre!

Step 1: What You Need:

The Skull Sceptre is made up of four parts that are obtained by killing four different monsters in the Stronghold of Security.
All four levels are used in obtaining these pieces.
Level One: Minotaurs: They drop the right skull half.
Level Two: Flesh Crawlers: They drop the bottom sceptre half.
Level Three: Catablepon: They drop the top sceptre half.
Level Four: Ankou: They drop the left skull half.

As shown on map below where each monster is located in the ! area in Barbarian Village.

Step 2: Food Source:

If you don't feel like buying any food then just leave the ! area and go to the Barbarian Fishing Area and say "Need free food" (better done in world 1 or 2 for members) and people who fish will be happy to give you free  cooked trout and salmon.

You don't even have to do anything.
If you have any items in your inventory its better you empty it in the Bank in Edgeville.

After you got your food go back down the ! hole and continue wanted you started.
(If you can go down the portal then go because it will save you time)

Step 3: Done!

After a few monsters (more killing 25-40 of each monster) you finally get all four pieces of the skull sceptre! All you have to do now is divine them together and TADA!!

The Skull Sceptre lets you teleport to Barbarian Village only 5 times (also the Wilderness, but not passed level 20)

After you've used it 5 times you need to get another one. You can't have more then one Skull Sceptre, but you can have as many Skull Sceptre parts or pieces if you want. (Comes in handy!)

Enjoy you lovely Skull Sceptre!!

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