Introduction: Runescape Guide[rune-scape]

About: Im Clemens Yoeckel

alright i was browsing around a few instructables on runescape and saw many many mistakes about runescape. so i decided to set out and make my own.

im going to go over a few different things, like an effective way to level
a few websites that are helpful
and ways to make money

Step 1: Important Information About the Game(runescape)

ok some errors i found looking at other guides were very very off
to correct those now

1. in one guide, a guy said that the limit on GP(its gold pieces not points), he said the limit was 2 billion, well in the 7 or so years that runescape has been out, no one has reached the max amount of GP yet.

2. armor
non-member: full rune, kite shield, scimitar is the best way to go non members.
member: full dragon is a medium-ish expensive gear, but its better to go with, barrows you will spend alot repairing it. and ur weapons are ur choice, i use an obsidian shield(toktz-Ket-Xil), and an abyssal whip.
and when ur in the billions and making alot per day you might be able to afford 3rd age

3. training methods were wrong(correcter further in instructable)

4. money making methods are not real good ones.

Step 2: Leveling Methods

really good leveling methods help alot.
this will mostly be for members cuz i didnt play non-members
best thing to do to be geared real good as a member
would be to get 70 attack/never stop leveling your strength/and 60 defense
that is the minimum to be geared really good
your strength to be high helps how much you hit
and attack increases chance to hit

now some info about leveling:

HP:(health points) your HP level will increase, experience from atk/str/def is shared into HP

and one other thing about monsters
you get 4 experience towards any combat skill per hp of the monsters health

so if a monster has 100 HP youll get 400 experience

Step 3: Leveling Method(continued..)

now for the actual method

start out at chickens south of falador(keep feathers and sell them)
level to about 15 attack/15 str/15 defense here
then you want to move on to cows right there(bury bones, and at chickens for your prayer level)

u want to level here a bit
i got 30 attack/30 strength/30 defense on them

now we move into al-kharid or the desert
and kill the scorpions untill you have 40 attack/40 strength/40 defense
i went to 50 strength on them but if you move on like the guide you get it faster

and now i moved on to rock crabs
they are in and around relleka
they have 50 hp so they have 200 experience
go for what ever levels you want everyone trains here so it will be a bit busy
i went for 70 attack/70 strength(still working on it)/and 60 defense

how to fight these is you look at rock and right click a rock, and if it says [examine: rocks] and the word rocks is yellow click right next to them and they will jump out and attack you, so you attack them

Step 4: Money Making

ok alot of people have alot of money(GP)
full rune is like 200 or 300k i think, i dont remember
and full dragon is around 20mil, full helm being the most
and ur weapons will be more or less depending on what you use

so how to make money is the question there are alot of methods to do this

i went with fishing
and here is how to fish to make money

first you start out in draynor with a small net and fish untill your 30
then you go and buy 1.5k feathers and a fly fishing pole, and head to barb village(here you need to drop what you catch). fish here untill your 40
now you want to go to Lobsters in catherby and fish these untill your level 76 fishing
you can sell any amount of lobsters at any price you want(perferably the default price)
at 76 fishing you do what you need to do to get barbarian style fishing, then you barb fish for swordies untill you can fish sharks then you fish sharks(almost 1k a piece)

an other method is woodcutting, you start out in varrock, east bank and walk a bit out side past the guard walls, then you go south a bit and cut [logs] until your 15 woodcutting(abbreviated WC)
and then cut oak untill 30
now you go to draynor and south of the bank are 4 willows, you want to cut here untill your 65 woodcutting, then depending on memer or not, decide on what spot you want to cut yew logs and sell those

flax method:
you can pick flax south of seers village if your a member and sell it at the GE

these are the only methods i know of at the moment because i just started playing like 2 weeks ago

Step 5: Helpful Tips

here are a few helpful places to help you on the way
this is the biggest and best guide to everything in runescape
this website is good for quest guides, so is runehq


well thats it
i hope this guide clears up any questions
helps anyone at all
i did most of this and im pretty good now

but one thing that alot of people dont do


u will be tempted to spend several hours on this game, u will over all just keep it a normal amount per day

or youll end up fat like this guy