Running Mobile Phone With 18650 Battery

Introduction: Running Mobile Phone With 18650 Battery

This instructable is an experiment trying to run a mobile phone using 3.7v rechargeable battery instead of the mobile battery. This can be helpful in emergency situations as you can use the 18650 battery as a backup.

Click here to view the video on Youtube.

there are interesting tips in the video

Step 1: Things You Need

1. Battery (18650)

couple of wires

couple of magnets

A mobile phone.

A glue Gun

Step 2: Method

by using the glue gun, generously apply the glue around the pins so that you would get an impression of pins on the glue.

Then strip the wires and place them on the grooves formed by the impression of pins on the glue.

Then strip other end of wires and attach to the battery terminals (Click here to view simple way to do that).

Be sure about the connections and pin out of the mobile.

Connect wire from +ve(-ve) of battery to +ve(-ve) of mobile battery input.

Enjoy making!!

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    would it work with 2 x18650 batteries connected in parallel?