Running Nose

Introduction: Running Nose

Want random strangers to look at you in disgust, ever dream of being your own Grossology exhibit? (who wouldn't) Well, Ladies and germs, I have just the project for you! Guaranteed to gross out innocent bystanders and inspire all manners of terrible puns! Presenting the one and only Running Nose Costume complete with hidden silly string compartments!

Cost: I don't remember! (sorry)


masking tape

duct tape (optional)

heavy duty chicken wire

light weight chicken wire


paper mache paste

wire cutters




hot glue gun

spray glue


Step 1: Blow Me!

Using the heavier duty chicken wire, ( I myself used some stuff we had left over from when our back fence was fixed) I started building up the basic shape of the nose! ****REMEMBER TO TAKE MEASUREMENTS BEFORE HAND OTHERWISE YOU MAY END UP WITH A COSTUME THAT IS EITHER TOO BIG TO FIT THROUGH DOORS OR TOO SMALL TO WEAR!!!********

Step 2: I'm Feeling Snotty!

Next, I covered the chicken wire in masking tape and added the first two; or so, layers of paper mache.

Step 3: I Just Can't Help Being a Little Nosey!

After, adding the first two layers of paper machie to my costume, with some help from my dad (yay dad!), I shaped the front of the nose using lighter gauge chicken wire and duct tape. (ok some masking tape too)

Step 4: It Snot My Fault!

Here, I used some more masking tape and paper mache to cover the chicken wire.

Step 5: Do I Nose You?

As per my dads advice, I then added cardboard to the bottom of the nose to give it more support.

Step 6: Is It Me or Is It Stuffy in Here?

Next, my dad helped me cut out the eye hole and arm holes, as well as, attaching suspenders to the inside of the costume.

Step 7: Snot Milk?

And again with the paper mache!

Here, I added just one or two more layers of paper mache over what I had already done.

Step 8: Is Your Nose Running? You Better Go Catch It!

Ok, for this part I took some skin colored fabric and began attaching it to the nose using spray glue and a glue gun. I did this by starting with the front first and then moved around to the back and finally the bottom of the nose leaving a seam running horizontally across the center. When I got to the bottom of the nose, I started running out of fabric so, it ended up looking kind of crazy. However, most of the bottom doesn't show when I'm wearing the costume so, I decided not to worry about it much.

Step 9: I Think I Might Just Nosey Right Along!

At this point, I went back and cleaned up the seams and reinforced them with hand stitching.

Step 10: Heres Looking Achooo!

Ok, this next step is in two parts (just roll with it ok!)

First, I glued some skin colored netting to the eye hole on the inside of my costume to give it a more finished look.

Second, I made a headband by taking a strip of green felt long enough to reach around the top of my costume and sewed it right sides together and turning it inside out. After which, I cut a thinner but equally long yellow strip of fabric and sewed it down to the middle of the green fabric strip I just finished. Finally I sewed both ends of my head band together and put it on my costume.

Step 11: It Snot You It's Me!

To finish up the nose itself, I got my dad to add some red spray paint to the tip of the nose. (he had suggested that this small detail would make the nose look more stuffed up, like a runny nose.)

Step 12: Well, I'm Really Stuffed on This One!

Finally, I bought myself some running shoes, bright green pants, and two cans of silly string then put everything together, and wore it out in public! Ta-da !

By the way, here are some links that I found super helpful:

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! I look forward to reading you comments!

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