Introduction: Rural Mailbox Posts

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Time can be tough on rural mailboxes that sit beside the road. When our old post needed replacing I came up with another solution, steel T-posts and some treated lumber. Adapt the post and wood lengths to your site and mailbox size..


2- steel T-posts 5 to 5-1/2" long

1-treated 2" x 4" 48" long

1-treated 2" x 6" 18" long

2- U-bolts to go around the T-posts and through the 2" x 4"

3- 10 x 2-1/2" wood screws

4 to 6- 8 x 1" screws to attach the box to the 2" x 6" (I prefer hex-head screws)


Post driver


Tape measure

Drill and bits


Wrench or ratchet and socket to tighten U-bolt nuts

Screw driver


Step 1: Assembly and Installation

Cut the 2" x 4" to 48" and the 2" x 6" to 18". The 2" x 6" will be attached to the top of the 2" x 4" to form a T. Drill 3 pilot holes down the center of the 18" dimension, one about 2" from each end and one in the middle. Stand the 2" x 4" on edge, preferably in a vise, and attach the 2" x 6" to it with 2-1/2" wood screws, flush to the "front" end.

Determine where the front of the mailbox will be and work away from the road or street. The USPS specifies 6" to 8" back from the curb. In the country, consult the local postmaster. Ours went in where the previous one was located.

Mark the rear of the 2" x 4" about 4" and about 22" from the end. These marks will be the centerlines of the T-posts. Use the centerlines as the centerline of the U-bolts. Position a U-bolt so the two threaded ends are evenly spaced to the left and right of the centerline and tap the U-bolt with the hammer to make slight indentations in the wood. (See photo) Do this for both centerline marks. Drill a hole at each indentation, making sure the U-bolt fits into the holes.

At the installation site, set the wooden T assembly on the ground where you have determined the mailbox will go. Using the centerlines marked on the 2" x 4", mark the ground where the posts will be driven. Marks should be 18" apart. Drive the posts in vertically about 12" deep so the bottom part of the T and the lugs opposite it are oriented parallel to the road.

Loosely fit the U-bolts and nuts to the 2" x 4". Slide the assembly down on the lug side of the posts so that the 2" x 4" is level and the top of it is 41"-45" above the road surface. Tighten the nuts to secure the 2" x 4" to the posts. Set the mailbox on top to the 2" x 6", open the door all the way, and secure it using the 1" screws.