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Had picked up this set of russian doll(Matryoshka doll) knock offs from a trip to Channapatna a few years back.. 
the finish and quality was not so great.. and the enamel was a bit chipped. so anyway i recently saw a cool image on facebook.. someone had painted their set(maybe they used knockoffs as well)..
it seemed like a simple and fun thing to do.

so heres my version of it:
i used automotive paint for the basecoat.. drew the details with markers..
then my silver marker had run dry.. so had to leave the black ones plain.
the second set i did is more colorful.. i used acrylic paints. used plain white as a base coat.. and then worked in the other colors.

now need to drop into the nearest Channapatna handy-crafts place
and pick up more of these cheap knock-offs to mod.

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