Introduction: Rustic American Flag (pallet Wood)

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Video link below, for some reason video link above doesn't work on mobile. I'm new to instructables so I might be doing something wrong.

In this video I make a rustic American flag using pallet wood. I really enjoy making these and have given several away as presents. The most difficult or rather time consuming part are the stars. But the end result is pretty cool in my opinion.

You can google the dimensions of the US flag which will give you the ratios for the different parts of the flag. You do have to do some math to figure out the exact dimensions for the one you want to make depending on the size you have in mind. For the stars I made a template in Photoshop with the correct spacing or at least as close as I could come to the correct spacing.

Overall dimensions of the flag are: 40 inches wide by 21-1/2 tall. Each stripe is 1-5/8 inch wide The stripes for the blue field are 16-/34 long.

Below is the link for the star template I made. This is supposed to be printed on 8.5x14in. paper. You will have to print a few copies and overlap them to make the template. You can use a window as a light box to align the stars and tape the sheets together.

The pallet that I used had boards that were 40 inches long. I ripped the different planks in to 13 individual strips that were 1-5/8 inches wide. I took seven of those strips and cut them at the 16-3/4 inch mark, these seven strips make up the blue field for the stars. I sprayed painted everything the appropriate colors and glued and screwed the pieces on to a backer/hard board. If you want to put this outside, to weather, then skip the backer board and use some vertical pallet wood strips that you would need to attach to the back with glue and screws. I would use at least 4 different strips for this if I were to do put this outside like in a patio. I created a stencil for the stars and traced those on to blue tape and cut out each one to act as a template. Then masked everything off and sprayed the stars.

I hope you all like this and hopefully this will inspire you to make your own.