Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table

Introduction: Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table

This coffee table is a cute, functional, trendy table. It was simple and very fun, good for beginners who would like a challenge. This was a very affordable project that I really enjoyed.


-Wood needed:

2 - 4x4s @ 8ft

2- 2x4 @ 8ft

1- 2x8 @ 10ft

1-2x10 @ 10ft

1-2x10 @ 8ft

-Other materials needed:

2 cans of brown spray paint

1 can of white paint

pre-stain conditoning

dark walnut wood stain

wood finishing

120 grit paper

paint brush

-tools needed:

Step 1: Cut Wood

-Cut 4 4x4s at 16.5"

-Cut 1 2x4 at 19.5"

-Cut 3 2x8s at 33"

-Cut 3 2x10s at 36"

-Cut 2 2x10s at 27.75"

Step 2: Side Assembling

Attach the 2x4 brace (19.5") to the 4x4s (16.5") using a Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System on a 1 1/2" setting, with 2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws to attach along with Wood Glue. There should be a 2" spacing from the 2x4 brace and the floor. Repeat step for the other side.

Step 3: Assembling Base

First start with putting holes on the ends of the 2x8s that point to the side assembles using the kreg jig allowing you to drill bottom shelf into the side bases. lay table upside down and clamp so that the shelf is flesh with the side assembles. Using drill connect the bottom shelf to side assembling.

Step 4: Making Barn Crosses

Measure against your assembled side and mark for best fit/cut, going from top to bottom. Use that angle for other side. Do the same for two small pieces, measure against assembled side marking where you want your cuts to be and cut. The angle that you find to cut at should be the same for both sides.

Step 5: Adding Extra Support Beam

Using kreg jig put two holes into 33" 2x4 pointing in the direction of the side assmebling. attach 2x4 support beam into side assembling, using clamps can help.

Step 6: Making Table Top

Take your 2x10s at 33" that you previously cut, put keg jib holes into two of them pointing to the side with the next 2x10 will sit next to each other. lay 3 2x10s next to each other, make sure they are straight and the same length. then attach the three together, clamp the three together for support that they won't move. Do the same for the two ends.

Step 7: Sand to Make a Nice Finish

Sand both top and bottom base to prepare for stain and paint. The smaller the grain sand paper you use the softer the finish will feel.

Step 8: Staining Table Top

after sanding to your liking dust off table top. Then use a wood stain conditioner to get the best look so it won't be blotchy. Using dark walnut stain go with the grain coating all parts of the table you am wont a couple of layer if you want a darker color. Then after dry sand and satin one more time and your table will be incredibly smooth.

Step 9: Painting Base

use brown spray paint for an undercoat for if you wanted to sand some edges down to give it a rustic look. Then take any white paint and paint away.

Step 10: Completing the Project

Using four small brackets attach table top to the base, at the top of each beam to the bottom of the table top.

Now you have a beautiful complete chunky farmhouse table to kick your feet up on and relax.

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