Introduction: Rustic Flag

The supplies you need to make the flag are

(3) 1x2x8 pine board (I got the wood from a old barn and cut it to length)

wood glue (depending on who many you make will determine how much you need)

a saw to cut the wood

red and blue paint (I used navy blue paint with a gloss and a sunrise red with a gloss)

clamps to hold the flag together during the drying of the wood glue

a finishing gloss (I used rustoleum painters gloss)

I used a stencil for the stars

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

You need 13 sections of wood that are 18.5 inches long. Since I got my wood from a barn about to be destroyed the wood was not to the length that I had needed. So I took a table saw and I cut the wood down to the desired length. You can also get the wood from a lumber yard but with using the wood from the barn it gives the flag more of a history and a second purpose.

Step 2: Painting and Gluing

You need to measure 7 inches long and put some painters tape to make the blue background for the stars. You paint every other strip of wood red starting from the top and working your way down. Once the paint is dry you will put wood glue in between the stripes and then put the clamps on it to hold it in place till the wood glue dries fully. Since I used wood from an older barn I had to sand the wood that was going to be painted to make sure the paint would hold on to the wood better. I left the other stripes with the aged look.

Step 3: Applying the Stars

For this I put the star stencil down on the flag and covered the rest of the flag with rags to avoid getting paint on anywhere else. Above is the stars stencil I used. I got it from amazon this is the link to get the stencil. I sprayed white spray paint from about 3 feet away to give it more of a faded stars look.

Step 4: Finished Product

This is how it turned out!!! I put the gloss over the flag to hold the aged look and so that the roughness of the stripes that were not sanded down did not harm anyone or snag on someone's clothes.

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