Introduction: Rustic Garden Planters

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One thing I really enjoy about making is being able to make things for others and seeing how happy they are with the end result. These garden planters have been on my project list for a long time as requested by my wife. I am so happy that I finally got around to making them and yes she was really happy with the result. Happy wife happy life.

This is all made from reclaimed materials and was completed across a weekend, it also requires really limited tools so can be completed by anyone. And will turned any unloved area of your home into one to be proud of.

Step 1: Materials & Cut List.

As I said in the intro this is all made from reclaimed materials so the only real cost was for the compost & flowers, which is always a bonus.

Cut list;

x 1 - Base - 190mm x 40mm x 960mm. (reclaimed from some old shipping crates so its not really useable for nice wood working projects but its perfect for this).

x 6 - Supports - 45mm x 20mm x 220mm.

x 6 - Pallet Wood sides - cut to a length of 230mm.

x 6 - Pallet Wood Sides - Cut to a length of 990mm.

Once all of the materials were cut to size its time to assemble.

Step 2: Lets Get Started!

Like I said this is a really simple project that can be undertaken by anyone, I mean if I can then anyone can.

Start by attaching the six supports, one in each corner and two in the centres, simply glue and screw. Make sure you drill a small pilot hole as the 45mm x 20mm pine is very likely to crack. Also check and make sure that they are all square as this will make it easier later on.

Step 3: What a Difference!

I know I jumped ahead a bit here from the last pictures that's because I got lost in the making so forgot to take any pictures. But let me talk you through how I achieved it.

I started by gluing and nailing the ends into each of the corner supports.

Then I proceeded to do the same for the sides, I wanted to do it this way so that the sides are then overlapping the ends which I personally feel is a better design aesthetically and will provide a stronger joint. The sides are also nailed into the centre supports to provide extra strength.

After a light sanding with 80 grit sandpaper you can really see the difference.

Step 4: Perfect!

After two coats of brown outdoor timber care paint you can really see the difference.

I fitted two layers of weed sheeting internally to protect the wood, the base is also filled with small stones before being filled with compost to improve drainage. Flowers & some decorations and that its your done. What a difference a bit of effort can make to an unloved area of a home.

Really happy with how this has turned out as like I said it only took a bit of effort and one weekend and now we have two glorious planters which make the front of our home shine.

Appreciate any comments you might have or if you simply want to discus any projects feel free to comment.

Also don't forget to give us a vote in the home improvement contest, as this I think is a real winner. that can be achieve by anyone.


Happy Making.

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