Introduction: Rustic Junk to Joy Decor

This is a tutorial on how to make a rustic little cozy sign to put on your coffee table that take a few old common household materials!

Step 1: Materials

The Materials Needed for this project can normally be found out in anyone's garage!

  • Scrap Wood (Cut to the dimensions you want your sign)
  • Old Wood Stain
  • Tape (I used an old roll of electric tape I found in my garage)
  • Knife Of Some Kind (I found one falling apart on our shelf that worked fine)

You can sand your wood to make it smoother and to help the tape stick better!

Step 2: Taping Your Design

Decide on a shape that fits on your wood. I went with a heart because it was quick and easy.

Tape around the shape so that you have an open figure. It can take a lot of tape depending on how much detail you put in.

Step 3: Cutting Detail and Staining

In this step you can now cut excess tape on the edges, or make little designs with it. I cut mine to make some geometrical designs on the 4 edges.

When you are content with you shape and its design get out and old cloth and some stain. Soak up the stain in the cloth and rub it over the whole plaque. Blot it off with another edge of you cloth. Repeat that step until you are satisfied with your wood color

Step 4: Pealing the Tape

After you are satisfied with the stains color slowly peal the tape back. You should discover some bleeding has occurred. THAT IS OK. It helps in the next step.

Step 5: Making the Swirl Effect

Use Alcohol/Acetone and rub down the dark bleeds. I rubbed in swirls to make the smoky effect, although it completely optional. Rub until nothing more will come off. NOTE: Do not rub over your shape or other designs unless you want to completely remove it!

Step 6: Extra

You are basically done! You can paint clear coat over it, or add a hanger, or some legs to help it stand up. I left it the way it was to give off the rustic feeling.

Thanks for reading this Instructable! I hope you enjoyed!

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