Introduction: Rustic Log Children's Chair From Reclaimed Wood

Children's chair from reclaimed wood. Safety precautions are implied with this intructable, be smart and above all safe!

Step 1: Find Posts to Reclaim or Buy New

2 1/2 x 3 1/4 reclaimed pine posts. You are going to need 10 feet of these posts per chair and your choice of 8ft 1 by 4 or 2 by 12 for seat and back rest
There will be pics of both the 1 by 4 and 2 by 12

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measuring and cutting posts. You are going to need two 2 foot pieces. And 6, 1 foot pieces. Then use table saw to cut off the corners of posts at 45 degrees.

Step 3: Obtain Hardware

5 in. Lag screws with a star drive head, 8-1 1/2 corner braces, drill bit and counter sink head, tape measure, a speed square, a framing square, and liquid nails caulking glue and a caulking gun, (if you want to glue, the lag screws don't really require it) angle grinder with a flap or sanding disk, table saw with angle cut capabilities, sand paper and polyurethane.

Step 4: Grind

Use angle grinder to smooth out the 45degree cuts from the table saw to a nice rounded shape. Then use sand paper to smooth it all out. I used 80 and 120 grit.

Step 5: Make an H

Use the table saw to notch arm rest for front leg to sit flush inside (see picture). Use grinder to clean up the cut. Use speed square and framing square to line up pieces for drill and lag screw attachment. Counter sink the drill holes. And screw lag bolts in.

Step 6: Piece Together

Put two h's next to each other and add supports then drill them in with lag bolts. It should start to look like a chair. The speed square and framing square help keep it all on the level. I would've used clamps if I had them.

Step 7: Clear Coat

Apply a coat of polyurethane to the chair, seat and back rest. You could choose to stain it now in whatever stain you would like. I've read articles where all pieces were coated prior to attaching everything. I've kind of combined that method with this in that the seat and back rest aren't attached yet.

Step 8: Attach and Reinforce

After the polyurethane is dry, attach the "L" brackets to the under side of the arm rests / legs and seat / back rests. I used 1 5/8 in. And 1 in. Screws to secure L brackets. I didn't feel that the screws that came with the L brackets were long enough. But you could use whatever feels best to you.

Step 9: Finish and Decorate

At this point you have a solid chair strong enough to hold a 250+ lbs man as seen in the pic. You can use a router or drimal tool and decorate to your liking. I put names and trimmed the edges all nice for my kids. Once I shared the pics on Facebook, people started asking me to make them one or how I did it. Additionally, I recommend another clear coat. Hope you understand all the madness and have fun making this.

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