Introduction: Rustic Picket Bench

Unique bench for front porch, garden, or yard, You can even use this bench in your front entry way. Easy to build only takes about 1-1/2 hours to build. Great conversational piece of furniture. You can stain or leave it raw, either way very nice.

Step 1: Material and Cut List

Tools Needed

Miter saw, table saw, drill, Tape measure, pencil, speed square, 3/16 drill bit

Material List

7-(6' Treated or Cedar fence pickets)

2- (Treated 2" x 4 " x 10')

Decking Screws

3" Screws

1-1/4 Screws

Cut List

Cut the 7 fence pickets leaving the dog ears at the top


2-each (28"), (26"), (24").

Cut from the bottom side of pickets



Rip 3 pickets to 2-1/2"




Treated 2" X 4" X 10'

Legs 4-(16")

Frame 2-(39-1/4")

Frame 3-(13-1/2")

Back of bench 1-(37")

Step 2: Assembly of Frame and Legs

Take the 2 long frame pcs. (39-1/4")

Drill 2-holes 3/16" on each end of frame and 2 dead center (picture # 1)

Take the 2 short frame pcs. (13-1/2")

Attach 1 each end and 1 in the middle using 3" deck screws (picture # 2)


Each leg make a pencil line 2-3/4" from bottom of leg mark front side and side of each leg

Drill 4 holes 3/16" on each end of side frame

Attach legs to frame using 3" deck screws making sure the pencil marks are to the outside corner and to the bottom side of leg. (picture 3 & 4)

Picket frame support

Attach 1 (2-1/2" X 13-1/2") on each end of of frame keeping pencil mark at the bottom of brace using 1-1/4 screws

Attach 1 (2-1/2" X 36-7/8") to front of frame keeping pencil line at the bottom, Flush at each end

Attach 1 (2 X 4 X 37") on back keeping pencil mark at the bottom using 3" screws Flush at each end

Step 3: Assembly of Picket Seat and Back

Front and end pieces

Attach 1 picket (16-1/2") on each end of frame using 1-1/4" screws. Flush at top of frame, and each corner (picture # 2)

Attach front picket 42") using 1-1/4" screws. Flush at top of frame with equal overhang at each end. (picture # 1)


Attach 3 pickets on top of frame

Flush back picket to back side of frame with equal overhang at each ends

Front picket will have 5/8" overhang on front side with equal overhang at each ends

Middle picket equal distance between front and back picket with equal overhang at both ends

Use 1-1/4" Screws

Pictures # 3


Attach 30" picket on back dead center vertically. Flush at bottom of back 2 X 4 using 1-1/4 screws

Attach 24" picket at each end vertically. Flush each end with the 42" seat using 1-1/4" screws

Attach the 28" and 26" each side of 30" picket equal distance between each picket using 1-1/4" screws

Picture # 4

Attach 1 (2-1/2" X 42") on the back of pickets flush at bottom of dog ears on each end using 1-1/4" screws

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