Introduction: Rustic Strawberry Coconut Cake

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If you are looking for a bit different recipe then why not try this rustic strawberry & coconut tart! Have fun and make it with your kids! Sweet pastry, strawberry jam & coconut filling go well together & won’t disappoint anyone!
For a 20cm cake tin you will need:


250 grams sweet pastry

4 teaspoons Strawberry jam

60 grams designated coconut

1 egg yolk (from a large egg)

60 grams icing sugar Sweet pastry recipe:

150 grams plain flour

150 grams butter

50 grams icing sugar

1 egg yolk

Mix all the ingredients together and knead until you get dough. Wrap in cling film and leave in a fridge for 1 hour.

The pastry can be made 1 -2 days ahead (stored in the fridge). When taken out, let it soften at room temperature for a while. To see a video on how to make the pastry, see our Valentine’s cookies recipe:

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Step 2: Enjoy!

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