Introduction: Rustic Table Fan From Scratch

Hey guys this is my second instructable. It took me two days to completely make it from scratch without even using a single notch of welding. So lets begin.

1. 25 nut bolts
2. 4 big nut bolts
3. 1 old mobile phone charger 5volts and 500mA (that you don't mind destroying)
4. 1 metal plate (that you don't mind destroying)
5. steel wire (around 5 feet will do)
6. 1 used coca cola plastic bottle (2 liter preferably )
7. 1 12 volts dc motor
8. 1 jam bottle (250g) cap
9. 1 pvc pipe (around 15cm will do)
10. scrap electric wire (20 cm)

1. Pliers
2. Hammer
3. Metal cutter
4. Paper cutter
5. Drill (You can always drill a hole in pvc pipe by using a hot nail if you don't have a drill, also use nail and hammer to drill holes in metal sheets)
6. Screw Driver

Step 1: Making Outer Ring

Cut out outer ring from a waste metal plate using iron cutter.

To mark where to drill holes in the ring, what you can do is trace the ring from outer edge on a paper.
Now you have a circle but don't know it's center. So make two random chords on your circle and make perpendicular bisectors on them. Perpendicular bisectors from them meet at the center. Now you can easily locate the center and can use a protractor to make spokes from center to circumference such that they are 30 degrees apart.

Drill 12 holes in the outer edge such that they are 30 degrees apart from each other.
Make sure that sharp portions of stainless steel plate are properly dulled as soon as you finish cutting it to avoid any injury from sharp edges.

Caution: Be very careful while using iron cutter and don't cut your fingers as it hurts...........a lot!

Step 2: Making the Cage

Use the pliers to make twelve such spokes for the fan cage. Its bit tricky to bend wires so use two pliers, one to hold the wire and other to bend wire in a loop. You can take an iron nail and wound the wire around it to form a loop, it would make looping easier.

Step 3: Making the Cage Continued

Take a 250g jam bottle cap (I used a cap from 250g Sil Jam bottle) and put it on the circle you just made and mark the points where spokes from center meet the outer edge of the jam cap. Mark all twelve points.

Drill 12 holes in it . Make sure that all nuts are tighten before you insert outer ring in it.

Step 4: Fan Making

Make the shape of the fan as shown in the image on paper and use it as stencil to sketch out fan on the remaining parts of steel plate.
Make sure to bend each blade of fan at 30 degrees so as to make them throw air when they rotate.

Step 5: Making of Base

Creating rectangular base from scrap aluminum sheet is very easy. Just cut four squares from each vertex and fold it along a wooden block using hammer.

If you don't have aluminum sheet never mind. You can also use bare wooden plank alone but you have to make arrangements somewhere in the canopy to hide electric wire joints that you make with the adapter.

Step 6:

You can use a pvc plumbing pipe to make the stand. Drill holes in it as per the diagram in the image.

If you don't have a plumbing pipe you can use the one electricians use to make wires go through them. It will also suit your purpose.

Upper two holes are to hold motor assembly and protective cage and lower two are for fitting to aluminum base.

Step 7: Making Shaft for Fan

Use a used refill of a retractable ball point pen to make shaft. Remove the nib and throw it away and cut it out as directed in the image to make shaft of the motor.

Step 8: Motor Fan Assembly

Be careful when inserting lower end of refill on the shaft of the motor such that you don't bend the refill. Fine tune the motor fan assembly when you have completed this step so that fan maintains proper axis while rotating.

Step 9: Attaching Motor to the Pvc Pipe Stand

Make wire loop as illustrated in the image so as to hold motor assembly to the upper two bolts fitted on the pvc pipe.
Notice that both upper bolts are used to hold the cage and only upper bolt is used to hold the motor assembly.
Its tricky to fit both of these in the bolts. A helping hand from another person is always appreciated to make this task simpler.

Step 10: Final Assembly

Finally use copper color paint to give your fan a rustic look.
Notice that only motor and nut bolts are new rest all part is recycled from scrap.

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